CECIAA asserts its purpose and becomes a mission-driven company

A mission-driven company aims to align its actions with values and principles that go beyond financial profitability. By making this choice, it commits to addressing a specific social, environmental, or societal issue while remaining economically viable. Its purpose guides the company's decisions and strategies, emphasizing its dedication to societal well-being and sustainability.

Our « raison d’être »

Promoting autonomy and inclusion for people with disabilities through technology and services.

The raison d'être of a mission-driven company is to define its central purpose and contribution to society. This involves integrating social and environmental objectives and considering the impact of its activities on the community, environment, and stakeholders.

This raison d'être commits us, the employees of Ceciaa, to promoting the integration of people with disabilities in all areas: education, personal, and professional.

Our values

The values of a mission-driven company are the ethical and moral principles that guide its behavior and decisions. They serve as the foundation for defining the company's culture and all of its actions. For a mission-driven company, these values are of particular importance, as they contribute to the fulfillment of its social or environmental mission.


Diversity naturally holds a fundamental place within Ceciaa. It embodies the company's commitment to the inclusion of individuals of all backgrounds, ages, genders, orientations, abilities, and cultures. At Ceciaa, diversity is more than just a human resources policy; it is a profound belief in the richness of diverse perspectives and talents. For a mission-driven company, diversity equates to strength, as it fosters innovation, enhances decision-making, and strengthens cohesion within the organization. It ensures that all individuals have the opportunity to contribute fully, regardless of their background, reinforcing the commitment to equal opportunities. By promoting diversity, Ceciaa strives to create an inclusive, respectful, and fair work environment while contributing to the positive evolution of society as a whole.


The value of responsibility lies at the core of Ceciaa's identity. It signifies a deep commitment to society, the environment, and the company's customers. For a mission-driven company, responsibility means much more than compliance with regulations; it represents a constant endeavor to minimize its negative impact on the planet while maximizing its positive contributions. This translates into sustainable resource management, reducing carbon emissions, considering stakeholders, and creating products or services that ethically meet the real needs of people with disabilities.

Responsibility is a commitment to transparency and accountability, allowing the company to earn the trust of its customers, employees, and society as a whole. It guides every decision and action, serving as a constant reminder that economic prosperity must be accompanied by social and environmental prosperity for a sustainable future.


Adaptability is also an essential value for Ceciaa, as it recognizes that the world is constantly evolving, and we must be capable of adjusting to meet the changing needs of society, our clients, and the environment. A mission-driven company that values adaptability is open to change, willing to challenge its practices, innovate, and adjust to better fulfill its social or environmental mission. We understand that challenges evolve, and new, flexible solutions are required. Adaptability encourages us to engage in continuous learning, creativity, and agility, enabling Ceciaa to address current challenges while preparing for future ones.

Our goals

The goals of a mission-driven company are its commitments to itself, its ecosystem, and society. These objectives must also be incorporated into the articles of incorporation of the mission-driven company..

To maintain an inclusion policy within the company.

Maintaining its inclusion policy is a cornerstone for Ceciaa. This means we are committed to creating a workplace that welcomes, values, and respects the diversity of its employees. This involves promoting equal opportunities, combating discrimination, and implementing fair hiring practices. Ceciaa recognizes that the strength of its culture and creativity comes from the variety of perspectives and experiences of its employees. It strives to create an inclusive workplace where everyone feels heard and respected, and where development opportunities are accessible to all, regardless of their background, gender, orientation, ability, or other personal characteristics. By maintaining an inclusion policy, Ceciaa demonstrates its commitment to a more equitable, inclusive, and balanced society while maximizing its employees' potential to fulfill its social or environmental mission.

Developing a circular economy approach.

Developing a circular economy approach embodies Ceciaa's deep commitment to environmental sustainability, with a focus on selling refurbished products. This initiative demonstrates our profound dedication to both environmental and social sustainability. By embracing a circular economy centered around the sale of refurbished products, Ceciaa aims to extend the lifespan of products, reduce electronic waste, and minimize the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing new items. We promote resource reuse, decrease the consumption of raw materials, and encourage a more responsible consumption pattern. Ceciaa strives to provide high-quality refurbished products, thereby contributing to waste reduction and sustainability promotion, aligning its business activities with its mission of social and environmental responsibility.

Reducing the company's environmental footprint.

Reducing the company's environmental footprint is also at the core of our mission. This goal demonstrates a steadfast commitment to minimizing Ceciaa's negative impact on the planet. It involves implementing concrete measures to reduce the consumption of natural resources, greenhouse gas emissions, waste production, and pollution. This effort takes various forms, such as adopting environmentally friendly production practices, reducing energy consumption, promoting recycling and reuse, and exploring renewable energy sources. The objective of reducing the environmental footprint is a tangible manifestation of Ceciaa's dedication to preserving the planet and promoting sustainability, thereby contributing to its social or environmental mission and creating a positive impact on the environment.

Meeting the needs and expectations of the company's customers to maintain a positive image of the company.

Meeting the needs and expectations of our customers holds special significance for Ceciaa, especially considering that a majority of our customers are individuals with disabilities. This deep commitment reflects the company's respect for diversity and inclusion. For these customers, Ceciaa strives to ensure equal access to its products or services by considering specific needs related to disabilities. The company aims to provide an inclusive customer experience by offering accommodations, accessibility features, and tailored assistance. This objective aligns with Ceciaa's mission to promote autonomy and inclusion for all, regardless of their circumstances, and to create a positive image by demonstrating its commitment to equity and diversity. This effort contributes to building a trusting relationship with these customers and promoting a more inclusive and respectful society.